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About Us
Jake Rudisill Associates, Inc. has a long-standing reputation for outstanding service to its customers and manufacturers. Our commitment to excellence compels us to provide services that are significantly better than the marketplace in which we participate.

Our services are enhanced by the following:

Professional and technically skilled sales force and full time office staff
Office automation that allows us to respond to today's demands for current technology
Exceptional response times and service to our customer base and to our principals
Continued education and training to maintain technical leadership in our industry
Commitment to add value and "worth at the table" in assisting our customers in solving problems and to meet the various challenges they face including bringing new solutions, complimentary products, and best practices to the forefront
Commitment to sound and ethical business practices and principles in operating our business for today and the future

Give us an opportunity to serve you. We will lower your risks, give you a competitive advantage, increase your profitability, and make your work easier.

The story behind the Red Ball on our Jr logo:

In 1956 when Jake Rudisill started the business, he asked his printer friend to come up with a logo for cards and stationary. The printer came back with a gray Jr with a black dot. Jake liked the idea of his initials and the fact that the “j” was “the imaginary vector symbol” and the “r” was the electrical engineer’s symbol for resistors since he was selling a big resistor line. Jake said, “Change the dot over the Jr to red since I have been giving out Atomic Fire Balls to customers and we have it!” Ever since then Jake Rudisill Associates have been giving out Fire Balls to customers during sales calls and at trade shows. Fire Balls have come to represent our firm as much as the logo does! Ask for one when you see our people!

Jake Rudisill Associates, Inc.


841 Baxter Street; Suite 112

Charlotte, NC  28202


PO Box 36248

Charlotte, NC 28236-6248
Toll Free: 800-888-6788
Phone: 704-377-6901
Fax: 704-377-5253 

Charlotte Headquarters

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